We ask that you support our independent journalism with a beer a year...

The Cassandra News Partnership is a group of dedicated, professional journalists, who set up and run this news publication out of our own pocket.  Annually, it costs us around €30,000 per year, in time, technology and working space to run this publication, and in the past year our team have funded these expenditures out of our own resources.

We have a reasonable readership reach in the Cypriot market, with thousands of readers, out of our total maximum target circulation, given the population in Cyprus, which we calculate as being around 100,000 people.

We don't paywall our site as we feel that even those who cannot afford quality journalism during these hard financial times should be able to benefit from our efforts, but we do ask that our readers consider supporting us financially, by making a small contribution, towards our costs.

If 10% of our target readership contributed just the cost of a beer a year, just €3, we could massively increase our news and opinion output, as we would be able to dedicate at least one journalist, full time, to creating content for this publication, along with helping the careers of two young journalists, by employing them as apprentice journalists, supporting them financially and providing training whilst they work.

We don't think a beer a year is much to ask from our readers.  It's a fair figure which almost everyone can afford.  It's not so much that our editorial judgement's are going to be swayed one way or the other; but it is a financial contribution towards our costs which shows us that you, our readers, actually value our efforts.

How can you send us a beer a year?

Simply make a payment by bank transfer to any of the following accounts:

Our Cyprus based EURO account
Account Name: Cassandra News - Cyprus
Hellenic Bank
IBAN:CY57 0050 0511 0005 1110 7588 6001
With your mobile number as the reference if you want a receipt sent by text
With a payment of €3

Our UK Based EURO account.
Account Name: Cassandra News - Cyprus
Bank details: Revolut Bank (may also come up as Modulo Bank)
IBAN: GB14 REVO 0099 7055 6091 48
With your mobile number as the reference if you want a receipt sent by text
With a payment of €3

Our UK based GBP account
Account Name: Cassandra News - GBP - Cyprus
Bank details: Revolut Bank (may also come up as Modulo Bank)
Sort Code:04-00-75
Account Number: 31605249
With your mobile number as the reference if you want a receipt sent by text
With a payment of £2.75

And if I am feeling especially tight up or especially generous?

We ask our readers to contribute €3 each, on the "honor system".  Some of our readers may be in a position to support our publication to a greater or lesser extent.  If you can't afford €3, do consider sending us a nominal payment of €0.01 or a £0.01, to one of our accounts, as the act of making a payment towards our work shows our team responsible for financing and running the site, both our editorial partners and our contributors, that our effort is valued.

For those who are feeling more flush for cash, anyone making a payment of over €50 per year who provides their phone number, will be called by our editorial team to discuss their specific areas of interest for us to cover. 

Finally, when it comes to large payments, in order to ensure we are editorially independent, we will return any amount paid to us in excess of €300 per year, as a matter of editorial policy, from any individual or businesses.  Whilst we will accept sums upto €300 per year, as a small publication, accepting sums over that limit could be seen by our readership as serving against our policy of editorial independence. 

The cap on accepting payments excludes sums due for advertising on our platforms and publications.

Advertising with us

The other way which a publication such as ours makes money is via selling our advertising inventory.   To keep a distance between our editorial decisions and our advertising, all of our advertising inventory is sold by Animated Ads, is a partner business of CNP.  CNP's editorial team do not sell our inventory directly.

All enquries regarding advertising should be made by contacting Daria Esenina directly, either by email or by phone +35799288174. 

We sell a maximum of 10 advertiser slots for delivery to any region per month. We can deliver advertising to our readers targeted by their location.
Our target main regions are

  • Nicosia Area,
  • Paphos Area,
  • Limmassol Area,
  • Famagusta Area

Within a region, we fairly split our advertising delivery to all our advertisers who elect to advertise to that region.

How much does it cost?

The charge for one of our ten advertising slots is extremely reasonable. 

We charge as little as €20 for a week of promotion, targeted to a single region or €30 for a week to "all regions".  This is ideal for a new advertising client who is wishing to dip their toe in the water. 
The charge for a full month for a single region is €50 and just €100 will get you one of our 10 slots of advertising for a full month in "all region".

We believe that selling our advertising on the basis of small flat fee for one of a limited number of advertising slots provides our clients a greater level of transparency regarding what they are going to pay.  Business owners who have used google or facebook ads will know that estimating the cost of months advertising when signing up to "Pay per click" or "Pay per view" advertising campaigns is almost impossible, and as the company selling the ads is also the company telling you how many clicks or views you got, how much you paid for them, and is responsible for ensuring that none of your competitors decide to "sit and click" your ad hundreds of times during their lunch hour to spend all of your budget.

Because of our transparency, and our reasonable prices, we believe we provide our advertisers with a particularly cost effective method to reach the English speaking market in Cyprus, with maximum clarity.

Readers accessing our publication from outside our normal target regions (such as those accessing from South Africa or the UK) are served ads based delivered from our entire inventory for all regions; advertisers who are targeting a specific single region may still find their ads displayed, but their ads will be displayed less frequently than those who cover multiple regions.

Excess advertising inventory is sold via media exchanges, where it is often sold on a "pay per click" or "pay per view" charging model.  Our in-house developed advertising module is designed to "prefer" promoting our own direct advertising clients, over ads sold via media exchanges, as in our opinion they are not an ideal fit for our reader; whilst they show a  reasonable yield rate, the advertising presented to our readers, sold via these channels, is less likely to be as directly relevant. 

Advertisers should be aware that because of this, our ad system may serve a small amount of direct advertising to readers "out of the target region", depending on our advertising inventory levels, which have been sold in a given region.