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Meet Artist Sergis Hadjiadmos (Adamos)

\"A combination of modern technology and old school painting methods are the tools I use to bring to life my paintings. I start with a hand drawing, expressed in any time, that I then scan in order to manipulate it with a certain software. I follow on by exposing it in different color ranges until I settle. Then I add new elements that will give a more solid result to an #abstract combination that applies to a more #surreal and personal satisfaction. I follow by copying it on canvas and finalising with #acrylic paints\"

Sergis Hadjiadamos was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1975, after his parents fled from Cyprus in 1974 because of the Turkish invasion. His father Andy Hadjiadamos (1936-1990), a Greek-Cypriot sculptor, painter and writer and his mother Jennifer Lynne Thompson, a South African radiographer and Sergis siblings spent their early years in South Africa. When things began to settle in Cyprus the family moved back to Paphos, in 1980 and has lived there ever since. Sergis has inherited his father s creative spirit, his mother s resilient nature and is deeply influenced by growing up in two very different lands and cultural settings.

He took his first steps in Art at the age of 15 after his father passed away. He participated in workshops and classes with various local artists where he learnt to experiment with merging and mixing different materials and approaches.

Sergis moved to Athens in 1994 to study Art where he attended an Interior Design foundation at AKTO college for one year. He then proceeded to complete a two-year Fine Arts course at Nicolas Stefos studios in Athens, Greece. Then in 1997, he enrolled in the Graphic Design department of Campus Arts and Sciences in Athens where he was awarded a BA Degree in 2001.

After collecting several experiences and qualifications he returned to Cyprus, in 2003, to hold his first solo exhibition at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia titled Victoria - Kifisia. The same exhibition was also presented in Paphos the following year at the Azia Hotel. In both cases, this made Sergis the first artist to present the use of modern technology in art by exposing his audience to digital mixed media art in Cyprus.

In 2004, he relocated to Athens where he worked as a Graphic Designer for three years developing his information architecture skills where he worked as a packaging designer at Nereus Frozen Fish a leading company in its field. He managed the design process of the company from conceptualisation, to design and contributed to the company s corporate identity for products that the company offered to businesses in broader Greek and Eastern Mediterranean market.

In 2007, he returned to Cyprus and launched his Graphic Design studio, Instant Ad, which he still runs today. That same year, Sergis began publishing Beach News,a free press newspaper presenting entertaining articles, local stories and tips about the local market. It was well received and distributed to all beaches along the coast of the Paphos district contributing to the development of media and communication of the local tourism sector.

In 2009, Sergis continues to challenge his artistic trajectory in acrylic painting on canvas and presented his work by taking part in Memories of the Past, a group exhibitionthat took place at the Old Paphos Electricity House.

In 2010, Sergis produced and curated the retrospective exhibition of his father s work, Andy Hadjiadamos (1936-1990) and publishedAndy Adamos (1936-1990), a book depicting and discussing Hadjiadamos artwork written and translated in both Greek and English.

In 2011, he creates Man and Bird, an acrylic painting on canvas and he participated with that work in a group exhibition of E.KA.TE (Cyprus Artists Board). Sergis begins to work collaboratively and undertakes the design and orchestration of the exhibition catalogue booklet for that group exhibition Eikastiki Paphos.

In 2012, he fortuitously found an old photograph at Michalakis Haritou s house in Athens, a well-known photographer from Cyprus. It depicted a soldier in action at the Medieval Castle of Paphos, his local town. This was strange since he practically grew up in proximity to this castle and never heard of this. Sergis was surprised and he became curious about the hidden local stories and unrecorded oral history events that are also not included in the structural education system on the island. He then curated the documentation of a forbidden story that was kept a secret in his local town and published a book titled Paphos Harbour 1974including the one of a kind photographs taken by Michalakis Haritou. The book was translated it in three languages and is a valuable contribution to the rich intangible cultural heritage of Cyprus.

In 2014, Sergis was busy with creatively interfering with the gentrification issues of the town he grew up and lived in. He curated Window Art, a project that featured artwork from local independent artists and took place in abandoned shops in the old town of Paphos in order to re-animate public engagement in a derelict local area and invite people to take a closer look at artwork and art residencies.

In 2017, Sergis was involved in the European Capital of Culture programme for Paphos where he curated the art exhibition Risky Travels for PAFOS2017, European Capital of Culture 2017. Risky Travels was a combined exhibition presenting the work of two sculptors that were born on the same island, never met, and were separated by war. The one, Andy Hadjiadamos (1936-1990), abandoned his studio and fled as a refugee, and the other one, Baki Bogac discovered the refugee s studio and managed through a lot of sacrifices and taking many risks, due to the demilitarised zone on the island, to send to him his art pieces and all the other findings from his studio. In May 2017 Sergis manifests Riksy Travels an exhibition which becomes a paradoxical place where these two artists life paths finally crossed since they never met in real life. Their artworks were curated in a long-awaited dialogue, in the Old Powerhouse in Paphos, after over four decades of risky travels and find their place in history through in this exhibition. In addition Sergis historicised this exhibition through and published Artist s book featuring artworks and descriptions from both artists and including their detailed biographies in three languages (Greek, Turkish and English).

In 2017, Sergis makes an acrylic painting called Love in Space, which he presented in a group exhibition at Gloria Gallery, Nicosia, for the 44th Anniversary of the same gallery. In 2018, he presented his painting Structural Inequality an original artwork in Gicl e print version and an art poster titled Green Line 1974 in the context of Recalling, a biennial group exhibition that takes place at the Almyra Hotel, Paphos and includes artists from all over Cyprus.

In 2018, he was awarded the Honour of Excellence at the Larnaca Biennale 2018 with his work Paphos Souls, a triptych of three individual pictures that originally depicted portraits of people and families that share the same specifications. These pictures were found amongst thousands of others in an old photographer s storeroom. The photographs were decayed by humidity and time leaving the images wedged together in masses. Sergis transports the artwork into a new light by transforming the archival debris into novel mixed media artefacts by enlarging them through digital tools and artistry, and then creating superimposed duets of images and figures.

In 2019, Sergis presented his third solo exhibition Metamorphosis at the Annabelle Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus. Metamorphosis is a mixed media project using photography and acrylic paint practices depicting both decay and revival as artwork. In this work, Sergis revives old historical decomposed photographs through which he embodies a unique approach to curating memory and history through a new lens.

In 2019 Sergis collaborates with artists Michalis Charalambides and Emilio Koutsoftides in a group exhibition called New Synapses that took place at Mespilea Art Gallery in Paphos. All three artists are descendants of renowned Cypriot artists and in this exhibition present their inherited artistic expressions from their family lineages.

In 2020, his exhibition Metamorphosis was presented at Gloria Gallery in Nicosia.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, Sergis had to cancel his planned exhibition of Metamorphosis in Athens.

However, he is preparing two acrylic paintings and plans to take part in a group exhibition in Athens, on the 24th of July under the curation of Art. Number 23, a London based mobile gallery.

Sergis artwork and curatorial approaches carry with them an amalgamation of overarching themes of cultural duality, autoethnography and cultural heritage digitisation through continuously merging narratives and artefacts. His concepts echo the tension of political power imbalances and highlight social justice issues through an experimental sense of art activism, mixed media and grassroots curatorial collaborations.


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\"Welcome to my art word. I use different media in order to express my thoughts such as digital, hand-drawn, acrylic on canvas, photography, and mixed media. I am a full-time artist and exhibit occasional.\"