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Maximum number of persons at gatherings increased

In the light of the very good epidemiological indicators being recorded in Cyprus during the passed few weeks and taking into consideration the assessments on the development of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in our country, it has been decided that the following shall come into effect as of 12 July 2020:

1. Maximum number of persons at social gatherings at home and/or in public spaces:

The maximum number of persons allowed to attend social gatherings at home and/or in public places (physical presence in the same premises/installation regardless of indoor and outdoor areas), is increased from 150 to 250 persons for outdoor spaces and from 75 to 100 persons in indoor spaces.

It is clarified that the simultaneous mass gathering in both indoor and outdoor spaces is not allowed.

In the cases where the social gatherings take place in houses, the permanent residents thereof shall be included in the maximum number.

Provided the health protocols are upheld in each case.

2. Maximum number served in catering establishments

The maximum number of persons allowed to be served in catering establishments is increased to 250 in outdoor spaces. As regards indoor spaces, the maximum number remains unchanged at 100 persons.

In each case the social distancing measure of 3 sq. m. for indoor spaces and 2 sq. m. for outdoor spaces per person continues in force, regardless of the area of each establishment. For instance, if an outlet has an outdoor area of 600 sq. m. and based on maintaining a distance of 2 sq. m. per person up to 300 persons could be served, under the new decision the number of customers cannot exceed 250. If an outlet has an indoor area of 450sq. m. and on the basis of maintaining a distance of 3 sq. m. it could serve up to 150 persons, the number of persons who can gather cannot exceed 100.

The above arrangement is valid only for the following categories of catering premises, provided for in the Decree of the Minister of Health dated 5 June 2020:


Hotels and tourist accommodation




Pubs, snack-bars and bars

Coffee shops

Canteens or/and refectories of schools, sports clubs, cultural clubs, associations, societies, etc.

The public shall be served exclusively at table arrangements. If bars are functioning in the above enterprises, the direct service of members of the public at such bars is prohibited, these being used only for the preparation of food and drinks by the personnel of the establishment.

3. Organizing weddings and christenings:

On the basis of the positive epidemiological data prevailing in Cyprus, the following have been decided in order to enable those concerned to plan ahead:

From 22 August until 15 September, the maximum number of persons (physical presence at dinner) who may attend weddings or christenings has been set at 350 persons.

It is clarified that more details on how the well-wishing ceremonies are to be carried out and details on the measures to be observed will be specified in the relevant Protocol that will be issued in due course.

4. Organizing music concerts, festivals, fairs:

In accordance with the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and the ECDC, events such as music concerts, festivals, fairs, etc. carry an increased risk for the spread of the virus and therefore great care must be taken in making any decision on lifting restrictions in this field, in order to avoid deterioration.

It is clarified that, although it has been announced that the holding of concerts, festivals, fairs, etc. would be considered after September 1st, no definite decision has been made as to when such events will be allowed to take place. In this context, the professionals who are active in the field of organizing concerts/festivals/fairs are urged not to plan any events after September 1st, in anticipation of the final decision which will be taken by the Government, on the basis of guidelines sought from the World Health Organization and ECDC.

It should be remembered that at this stage, the organizing and holding of concerts is allowed ONLY in open-air ampitheatres and not in any other open space (e.g. stadiums), provided that the instructions provided in the Protocol for the functioning of open-air amphitheatres are strictly adhered to.

In conclusion, all of the above modifications are a follow-up to the good epidemiological picture prevailing in our country. However, due to the volatile situation prevailing worldwide and given the assessments by the scientific community for a possible surge of the pandemic, we are all obliged to remain alert and maintain thoroughly the measures of personal hygiene and social distancing.

The data are under constant examination and subject to readjustments if the need arises.