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Reaction: how Boris Johnson s new deal compares to FDR s.

Boris Johnson sought to co-opt a hero of left-wing politics as he presented his vision for post-coronavirus Britain.

He is far from the first UK prime minister to claim the mantle of Franklin D Roosevelt s New Deal , says the New Statesman s George Eaton. But most of those who have invoked the reforming - and free-spending - Democratic president have come from Labour rather than Conservative benches.

After all, FDR (pictured above) used the full power of the state to restore American fortunes after the Great Depression , The Times reports.

What did Johnson announce?

This is a government that is wholly committed not just to defeating coronavirus but to using this crisis finally to tackle this country s great unresolved challenges of the last three decades, the prime minister said this morning in Dudley.

The plan is built around a 5bn programme of accelerated capital spending on hospitals, roads, rail, prisons, courts, schools and high streets , says The Times. A national infrastructure plan for transport, power generation, flood defences and waste will follow in the autumn.

Other investments include 1.5bn for hospital maintenance , says The Guardian, and 40m to boost local conservation projects and create 3,000 jobs .

Johnson said that if it sounded positively Rooseveltian that s because it was meant to. That is what the times demand, he said. A government that is powerful and determined and that puts its arms around people at a time of crisis

What did FDR s new deal do?

Having come to power in 1933, shortly after the Great Depression, Roosevelt faced the enormous task of restoring confidence in a shattered economy, says the BBC.

He did this first by building infrastructure across the US and creating millions of jobs , says The Times. The later stages of the New Deal established the basis for the US social security system and improved workers rights.

All of this involved huge investment, and marked the largest, most expensive government programme in the history of the American presidency , says the BBC.

However, The Atlantic adds, it was not only a series of big-spending government programmes . A series of loans and guarantees also encouraged private investment. Roosevelt did not overturn capitalism, says the magazine. Instead his genius was that he knew he had to get capitalism moving again .

How does Johnson s plan compare?

Labour politicians can be forgiven for rolling their eyes at the appropriation of FDR by figures such as Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, says The Times, given their response to the global financial crash.

John McDonnell, the left-wing former shadow chancellor, needed no invitation, tweeting that Roosevelt must be turning in his grave at this pathetic damp squib .

In certain ways the two recovery plans are comparable, The Sun argues, pointing out that both aim to help an economy out of a recession and both focus on increasing employment.

But after taking office in 1939 Roosevelt rewrote economic rules for the United States, something which the PM is not expected to do, the paper adds.

In fact, says George Eaton, Johnson s spending plan is 200 times less ambitious than the New Deal . The total investment announced by the PM adds up to just 0.2% of last year s GDP, he says, where FDR s economic stimulus amounted to 40% of his country s pre-depression annual GDP.

However, says Robert Shrimsley in the Financial Times, the FDR line at least points to a readiness to abandon old nostrums; to borrow and spend, invest in schools and hospitals, put funds into industry .

For all the cultural divides, he adds, there is almost an economic new consensus and it is not Thatcherite.

Did the original new deal work?

Historians do not necessarily agree as to whether the New Deal was a success or a failure, says the BBC. Unemployment fell, but it was not conquered and many of the new jobs created were only temporary .

But although it was no magic bullet , says The Atlantic, it did bring about rapid change.

As late as 1935, 90% of rural homes had no electricity, it says. But thanks to government support for local electric companies, that figure was reduced to 40% five years later and 10% after another ten years.

By then, however, there were other reasons for state intervention. It was the Second World War that finally put the US economy back on track as government spending soared, says The Times.

Will Johnson s new deal work?

The teensy flaw is that all the speeches in the world will not make the virus go away , says Shrimsley. And that Johnson s speech coincided with a new lockdown in Leicester - and threat of more to come - underlines the scale of the challenge.

In any case, says Sherelle Jacobs in The Telegraph, Johnson s diagnosis is all wrong.

If Jobsageddon is coming to Britain, one would be forgiven for expecting a Conservative government to try and douse its flames with authentically conservative policies, she says.

It should be slashing employment red tape, particularly around the hiring of agency workers, and freezing the minimum wage to encourage employers to keep on staff. It should be driving a tank through planning regulations, and aggressively pursuing tax cuts.

But for Shrimsley, the true struggle is less over ideas than whether this New Deal rhetoric leads to better lives for those voters. If it does, then Britain will be a better place, he says.

Isolation at home for cases of the COVID-19 disease or their close contacts and arrivals in Cyprus from category C countries.

\"The strategy for lifting the measures rests on our individual and collective responsibility.\"

The Cyprus Government announced on 30/62020: On the basis of the favourable conditions prevailing in Cyprus in the last few days, the Epidemiological Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Health emphasises that there must not be any relaxation on the part of the citizens of the various protection measures, which are necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The protection of Public Health calls for the curtailment of activities and the containment of certain persons in a state of isolation at home.

Persons who are tested positive to the coronavirus without symptoms or with mild symptoms would have the choice either to be transferred for isolation at Eden Resort, Wellness or the Rehabilitation Centre, or remain in house isolation until given a release.

Persons who have been defined as close contacts of verified cases of infection by the coronavirus (COVID-19) following relevant tracing by the Epidemiological Monitoring and Control Unit for Infectious Diseases, should also stay in house isolation for 14 days, according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization.

Persons which have arrived in Cyprus from any country other than those included in Categories A and B ( should also be placed in house isolation for a period of 14 days.

Persons in self isolation shall be obliged to comply with the relevant Decree. At the same time, these persons should follow the relevant health guidelines (Subtheme Guidelines for the public ) which have been issued.

It is also stressed that in order to prevent the worsening of the virus and help the return to normality, the strict rules of hygiene must continue to be adhered to by all the citizens. The strategy for lifting the measures rests on our individual and collective responsibility.

Nero burned the Christians alive...

I always thought the flat earth brigade was bonkers but recently I have had second thoughts. The earth may not be spherical after all. In fact, I have concluded it is shaped like a theatrical stage and everybody on it is an actor (apparently I don t need to add actresses anymore as the word has become transgender).

You might well ask how I know this? It s quite simple, if the only things we see, hear and feel anything for are those on which the gods of media shine a spotlight, we must be on a stage. We are both actors and audience. Everything else is in darkness or hidden behind the curtain. And what we do see isn t real, it s stage dressing and what we hear is scripted. A controlling narrative carefully devised to keep rational thoughts at bay.

In the most recent production, Hysterical Guilt ...sorry, Historical Guilt we are all striving for forgiveness for the sins of other people s fathers. It s a sort of Billy Graham on steroids drama, where we all get baptised to remove the stain of original sin before we can enter the kingdom of the light....that s spotlight and get our Warholesque 15 minutes of fame

The previous production ran for six months but the audience/cast is now getting bored. The script has not developed very much. However, it served as a distraction from the real problem. Although the number of actors with bit parts is heading for 10 million, less than 1/2 million have been written out of the script.

Meanwhile, 55 million cases of the more serious plague have arisen so far this year. It means that 110 million vectors did not social distance soon enough to prevent the infection. At the same time there were 33 million cases of ordinary death.

Because this all happened behind the curtain and out of the spotlight, we did not notice this little sub-plot.

We certainly will not be expecting the off stage deaths from ordinary ailments left untreated, surge in child mortality through lack of vaccinations or famine and hardship from economic damage and drop in food production. That comes in the third act following the second wave, sorry act.

What I want to know is who is going to take responsibility for Emperor Nero? He was an evil bar steward who killed his mother Agrippina the Younger. He was an actor, poet and musician and raised taxes on the middle classes to pay for the extravagant theatres and buildings around the empire whilst adopting populist policies liked by the lower classes. He must have been a very left wing sort of despot.

Apparently he set fire to Rome in order to clear the way for his Golden House with its lavish grounds. Remind you of anywhere this end of the Mediterranean? He then blamed the Christians and burned them alive as punishment.

So who now, nearly 2000 years later will take the blame, wear sack cloth and ashes and flagellate themselves in public as atonement for these sins?

Or we could start seeing the world in perspective, 3rd rock from the sun, overpopulated but otherwise insignificant in the galaxy and get back to normal life experienced without looking at single issues through distorting lenses.

Today\'s UK News Round-up.

Museums, cinemas, and galleries will be able to reopen in England from 4 July, Boris Johnson is expected to announce today. The prime minister is also due to explain how pubs can safely reopen following a review of the two-metre distancing rule. There were fewer than 1,000 confirmed new cases on Sunday and the number of daily virus deaths also fell to 15, the lowest since the middle of March. Boris Johnson accused of a colonial mindset

Several dozen Commonwealth countries have raised concerns over Boris Johnson using his role as chair of the organisation to block the reappointment of its secretary general, Patricia Scotland. A high commissioner said the prime minister s behaviour is redolent of a colonial mindset . Scotland, a Labour peer and former attorney general, has been secretary general of the Commonwealth of Nations since 2016.White House denies adviser\'s claim that China deal is over

The White House has denied trade adviser Peter Navarro s claim that a trade deal between the US and China is finished. Navarro told Fox News It s over . But shortly after, the US president tweeted: The China trade deal is fully intact. Hopefully they will continue to live up to the terms of the agreement! However, Navarro s comments still caused momentary panic on the markets.Sajid Javid warns against a return to austerity

Former chancellor Sajid Javid has warned against a return to austerity. With the government grappling with the effects of the coronavirus crisis, Javid has called for low taxes on business to aid the UK\'s recovery. He said early hopes of a V-shaped recovery had proved optimistic . Javid also predicted that some long-term damage to the economy had become unavoidable .One in three Covid-19 survivors could face long-term issues

One in three patients who recover from Covid-19 could endure long-term damage to their lungs, chronic fatigue and psychological disturbances, according to new research. The study also found evidence that the coronavirus could cause impairment to the brain and an increased risk of Alzheimer s disease. The Daily Telegraph says around 30% of patients who recover from Covid-19 may be left with damaged and scarred lung tissue.Europe facing a serious shortage of oil warns new report

Europe could face a shortage of oil within 10 years, according to a new report. The authors have warned that oil production may fall faster than the European Union s reliance on fossil fuels, raising the spectre of an oil supply crisis and severe market price shock. The report by the Shift Project, a French climate think tank, said the findings are an additional compelling reason for designing a world without oil . Burnley FC swiftly condemns White Lives Matter banner

Burnley Football Club says it is ashamed and embarrassed by a banner reading White Lives Matter Burnley banner that was towed by an aeroplane over Etihad Stadium during last night s match against Manchester City. Fans like that don t deserve to be around football, Clarets skipper Ben Mee told BBC Radio 5 Live. Burnley said that the banner in no way represents what the club stands for.Dominic Cummings pledges to reform Britain s planning system

Dominic Cummings has vowed to overhaul Britain s appalling planning system. The prime minister s special adviser said that there would be no return to austerity and that the government would address long-term problems such as the planning system. Denying that there would be a reshuffle, he dismissed rumours that Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, would be moved on as invented bollocks .Authors quit Rowling\'s agency over transphobia row

Several authors have quit the literary agency that represents J.K. Rowling in protest at her views on transgender issues. Explaining their move, the authors said that they could no longer work with the Blair Partnership because they felt it had not shown what they regarded as an appropriate commitment to transgender rights and equality . They said that they were saddened and disappointed .Health warning as Britain prepares to out-sizzle Ibiza

Meteorologists have issued a health warning as Britain prepares for a heatwave this week. Over the next four days, temperatures are forecast to exceed 34C. A heat-health alert has been announced by the Met Office as London is expected to be hotter than Ibiza. On Thursday, temperatures in southern and central England could exceed 34C.

Britain\'s Covid-19 Cases Falling.

Covid-19 deaths are now falling in ALL age groups for the first time since the crisis began in England and Wales as official data reveals the week ending June 12 saw the fewest fatalities for three months.

The number of people dying of the coronavirus is now falling in almost all age groups for the first time since the start of Britain\'s epidemic, official statistics show.

In the week that ended on June 12, a total of 865 people died with Covid-19, which was the lowest weekly number in three months - since March 20.

And it was also the first time the number of fatalities dropped below 1,000 since the outbreak spiralled out of control in the spring.

Office for National Statistics data now shows that the weekly registrations of coronavirus deaths did not increase in any age groups in the week to June 12.

It was stagnant among 20 to 24-year-olds, among whom there has been one death per week for three weeks, but fell in all other groups.

The biggest drop was among the over-90s, who have been hardest hit by the virus. The most recent week of data saw 127 fewer deaths than the week before, and there were 94 fewer victims announced in people in their late 80s.

Today\'s data adds to figures showing the virus is retreating in England and Wales, with lockdown rules expected to be loosened further today and Prime Minister Boris Johnson claiming on Sunday that Covid-19 is \'increasingly under control\'.

At least 53,738 people had been killed by the coronavirus by June 12, statistics show, which is 11,000 more than the Department of Health has counted. In May the virus killed people at twice the rate of any other disease, including dementia.\"\"+2



Department of Health: 42,647

Department of Health\'s latest death count for all settings stands at 42,647.

The daily data does not represent how many Covid-19 patients died within the last 24 hours it is only how many fatalities have been reported and registered with the authorities.

It also only takes into account patients who tested positive for the virus, as opposed to deaths suspected to be down to the coronavirus.

National statistical bodies: 53,738

Data compiled by the statistical bodies of each of the home nations show 53,738 people died of either confirmed or suspected Covid-19 across the UK by the end of May.

The real number of victims will be even higher because the tally only takes into account deaths that occurred up until June 14 in Scotland and June 12 in the rest of Britain, meaning it is up to 10 days out of date.

The Office for National Statistics yesterday confirmed that 48,866 people in England and Wales died with confirmed or suspected Covid-19 by June 12.

The number of coronavirus deaths was 802 by the same day in Northern Ireland, according to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA).

National Records Scotland which collects statistics north of the border said 4,070 people had died across the country by June 14.

Their tallies are always 10 days behind the Department of Health (DH) because they wait until as many fatalities as possible for each date have been counted, to avoid having to revise their statistics.

Excess deaths: 65,173

The total number of excess deaths has now passed 65,000.

Excess deaths are considered to be an accurate measure of the number of people killed by the pandemic because they include a broader spectrum of victims.

As well as including people who may have died with Covid-19 without ever being tested, the data also shows how many more people died because their medical treatment was postponed, for example, or who didn\'t or couldn\'t get to hospital when they were seriously ill.

Data from England and Wales show there has been an extra 59,324 deaths between March 20 and June 5, as well as 4,877 in Scotland between March 16 and June 14 and 972 in Northern Ireland between March 28 and June 12.


I was sleeping but now I m woke...apparently, to social injustice etc. blah, blah, blah....

If you consider the history of the world since Christ you are looking at 2020 years, give or take a few errors in the calendar calculations of the odd Pope. That is more than 17.5 million hours filled with events from around the planet. Plus a good few more out there in our galaxy and the vast expanse of the expanding universe.

When you were at school, assuming it was not your chosen subject for higher education, you studied history for perhaps 2 hours per week for 40 weeks each year, may be, for five years. Your history teachers, good or bad, had to summarise 17 million hours of global history into 400 hours of your teenage life.

Guess what, they took short cuts, they were controlled by the specified curriculum, and they left out, not just a shed load, but a whole container ship of stuff. The interesting question is: what they chose, or were compelled, to leave in to teach you and how that frames your subsequent perception of the world and your place in it?

Can we really expect the French to teach the same history of Waterloo as the Brits? How do we think the Americans describe the war for independence from Britain? Even events as recent as WW2 already get distorted in the UK and the US... to try to ignore the role of Russia which was massively significant and was hugely more costly in terms of lives lost. Why? Because of the Cold War which followed. I wonder what history is taught in India today, and how glorious or otherwise is the role of Britain within it? You d better shut your ears if you ask the Irish about how the English traded them as slaves...

The victors write the history which gets taught to future generations. It is almost certainly distorted. For anyone to become good at anything takes about 10,000 hours, so, roughly speaking, 5 years full time work. Engineer, scientist, heart surgeon, musician; it doesn t matter. What it means is, with only 400 hours of history at school, none of us is likely to be any good at it at all. Even that bit of history which was specially selected for us to keep us one with our native culture.

The question which is testing me is what constitutes culture? I mean culture in the sense of national personality rather than music or folk art, although that undoubtedly plays a part. It seems to me there are four principal constituents. First is geography: where on the third rock from the sun you were born set the scene for everything that follows, second is home and family which determines the formative years, third is formal schooling and education and fourth is social and peer groups. The conversations, attitudes, behaviour and example provided by parents, dictated to them in their formative days, will set your standards for what you perceive to be good and bad, what is approved or disparaged. It will influence everything from confidence to politics, from dress sense to hygiene and nutrition. At school, the teaching of history and geography will set the tone for perceptions of your place in the world, largely as a consequence of your place on the planet, good guys and bad guys, international relations and economic power. Probably a sense of fairness or inequality too. The story books and fairy tales will all contribute.

Peer groups have the power to reinforce home and education or diminish and even destroy them. Acceptable behaviour and, more worrying, acceptable mind set will be determined by peer group. It s called group think for the simple reason it is hard to break free from.

So when people lay claim to our history as a justification for keeping racist statues, or other trapping from the past, in place, they are more correct than they might realise. It is only their selective history, a narrow interpretation or celebration of events from a singular perspective. A perspective determined by power or money and the moral values of the time. What it most certainly is not is a fair and balanced history based on an holistic perspective of all the events and circumstances of the time. The wealthiest in society have always, both in the past and the present day, sought immortality through sponsorship of apparently worthy endeavours. They are buying approval. Compare Cecil Rhodes with Bill Gates: discuss.

America claims to be the land of the free and home of the brave. After the civil war in 1865 various states introduced what were known as Jim Crow laws (Jim Crow was a black character played by a blacked up white singer). Having just abolished slavery with the 13th amendment, these new laws kept African Americans in servitude by specifying where they could go, what they could do and how much they could be paid. Even how their children could be taken and put to work was covered.

These laws were enforced until 1965 after LBJ introduced the Civil Right Act in 1964 (instigated by JFK). Voting rights were changed in 1965 and fair rents and housing changed in 1968.

Lee Conley Bradley (1903 - 1958), better known as Big Bill Broonzy, was a blues singer who influenced Eric Clapton, Pete Townsend and Ray Davies. After serving in WW2, in 1945 he wrote a song called Black brown or white to highlight the injustice of the Jim Crow laws.

No record company would record it. He had to wait until 1951 to record it in Europe for white and overseas audiences. It was not released in the US until 1958 after his death, as Get Back .

Here are the words for those interested in how much or how little has changed in 75 years.

Get Back

This little song that I\'m singin\' about

People you all know is true

If you black and gotta work for a livin\' now

This is what they been sayin\' to you

They said if you white, you\'s alright

If you is brown, stick around

But if you\'s black, oh brother

Get back, get back, get back...

I was in a place one night

They was all havin\' fun

They was all buyin\' beer and wine

But they would not sell me none

They said if you white, you\'s alright

If you is brown, you can stick around

But if you\'s black, mm mm brother

Get back, get back, get back...

I went to an employment office

I got a number and I got in line

They called everybody\'s number

But they never did call mine

They said if you white, you\'s alright

If you is brown, you can stick around

But if you\'s black, mm mm brother

Get back, get back, get back...

Me and a man was working side by side

And this is what it meant

They was payin\' him a dollar an hour

But they was payin\' me fifty cent

They said if you was white, you\'d be alright

If you is brown, you could stick around

But if you\'s black, whoa brother

Get back, get back, get back...

I helped win sweet victories

With my plow and hoe

Now, I want you to tell me, brother

Whatchu gonna do about the ol\' Jim Crow

Now, if you\'s white, you\'s alright

If you is brown, stick around

But if you black, whoa brother

Get back, get back, get back...

It s pretty clear, at least to me, that despite all the huffing and puffing and self righteous rubbish spouted by middle class, white, so called Christians, about preserving their idols, sorry statues, that injustice continues today. But violence has never and will never solves the problem. If history teaches anything surely Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King proved that. MLK expressed it more eloquently than I could dream of doing...

\"As you press on for justice, be sure to move with dignity and discipline, using only the weapon of love. Let no man pull you so low as to hate him. Always avoid violence. If you succumb to the temptation of using violence in your struggle, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness, and your chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos.\"MLK (1956)

The truth, it seems, despite media bias to the contrary, is that few are actually protesting about the injustice but many are using it as an excuse for rioting, looting and general attempts to destroy civilised society. Apparently they prefer anarchy unless a fire needs to be extinguished. We should not be surprised after the insane handling of the Covid pandemic by governments everywhere. It has resulted in the poorest being hardest hit yet again. Surprise, surprise...

The accelerant for this inferno is, of course, provided by the malicious political left who incite the equally malicious political fear right. As my maths teacher used to say, far left and far right are both the same, boys, asymptotes which meet at the back of the page!

You might like to read, or re-read, George Orwell s 1984 , also written just after WW2, published in 1949. I quote:

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book was rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered.

And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

My father used to say if it ain t broke, don t fix it! Today, beware If it ain t woke, they re going to fix it!

The silent majority better find their voice soon if we want this nonsense to end. And we had better wake up to the fact that injustice and prejudice are as real as our narrow perspectives of a selected history, which reinforces our particular culture, are false. We need big picture politicians who lead by example not by the rear view mirror reflections of what is instantly popular on social media.

Perhaps now we all live in Pandemonium, amongst the noisy and riotous little devils? Last year certainly seems like Paradise Lost.

Social Insecurity.

There is a very good way to detect when you are being fed nonsense! If the instructions vary across different groups then they are based on whim or politics and not on science or evidence.

Cyprus Government Payout Promises.

The Cyprus government promised payouts to businesses and individuals who were compelled to cease trading. There has been no consistency in payments and many have still received nothing. But as a sound byte it was good at the time.

For our safety we were compelled to get travel permissions via SMS which despite a few start up glitches was operating very quickly and effectively. Electronic contactless payment systems were enhanced and transaction amounts without needing keypad entry of a PIN were increased to reduce handling cash.

Dirty Money.

You may realise that all money is dirty but not be aware how bad it is. A US study in 2017 found 80% of dollar bills had traces of cocaine. Perhaps worse, 94% had traces of poop, fecal matter. A UK study found that paper money could transfer flu virus for up to 17 days. In other words the government was right to seek to reduce cash transactions.

Except, of course, for the social security department! Some of my business acquaintances have said that this department is complaining that companies have not been paying their dues. Conveniently forgetting that a) they have been closed, b) that you have to pay in person and c) you must pay in cash. That s right, 2020, Corona virus and cash and in person. Doubly insecure standards wouldn t you say?

We can pay our electricity, telecommunications and tax by JCC without leaving home, but not social security. Now, my experience of cash being King is when something corrupt, dodgy or illegal is happening. So is there a social security black economy? Is there a Mr. Big with his hand in the social security pot? It might explain why cash is demanded and why few are being paid what was promised? Or it could just be bureaucratic incompetence.

Whatever, I think it is another case where we need Kyriacos Kokkinos, Minister of Innovation to kick some arse and work his magic. Businesses have enough to do getting back on their feet without standing in line to wasting valuable time and resources to satisfy insane requirements which are in direct contravention of all Covid guidance and compulsion elsewhere.

Editor s Note:

If you or your business has experienced problems with the payout promises, please write to us.

Second Phase of Airports Operation.

(CNA Assisted Report).

The second phase in the operation of the airports starts today (Saturday, June, 20, 2020) with all passengers arriving from Group A countries no longer requiring a certificate that they have tested negative for coronavirus.

However there will be random checks for passengers from Group A and those from Group B. The latter will also need a certificate that they have tested negative for Covid-19.

Hermes Airports senior communications manager Maria Kouroupi told CNA (Cyprus News Agency) that despite the many challenges the resumption of commercial flights since June 9 has gone smoothly with passengers following the measures introduced as part of the protocol which includes wearing masks and distancing.

From June 9 to 15, some 7000 passengers have flown in and out of Cyprus on 85 flights, of which 19 were repatriation flights for 1266 passengers.

This is a very small number of flights compared to the corresponding period last year, she said.

Changes tomorrow will mean that Group A passengers will no longer need to present a a certificate that they had tested negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their departure but will still need to complete the relevant forms. There will however be random tests, she said.

This has given the opportunity to a number of airlines to change their schedules from June 20 onwards while from Sunday, Paphos Airport will also start operations with the first flight a Ryanair flight from Thesaloniki due to land at around 7 pm.

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos and Hermes Airports CEO Eleni Kalogerou will be at the airport to welcome the flight.

All passengers flying to Cyprus must register on a new tailor-made portal CyprusFlightPass.

The portal also features information on the classification of countries into groups which will determine which passengers can come to Cyprus and what is required in each case. Currently only Cypriots and legal residents are allowed to come to Cyprus from Group C countries.

Transport Minister Karousos said earlier today the classifications will be updated every Friday to be effective from the Monday after.

The new classifications are expected some time today.

Kouroupi noted that Cypritos who wish to travel abroad can consult a site launched by the EU (Re-openEU) with information on countries they wish to visit.

Asked about the incentives announced by the government to boost flight connectivity, Kouroupi said these were over and above those already in force and had helped a number of countries include Cyprus in their flight plan from July onward.

But all will depend from the wider epidemiological situation which also determines demand. While a lot of people want to travel, in the end there is some hesitation, she said.

Group A countries are: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Group B countries are Israel, Poland and Romania.

According to CNA barring any last-minute changes Belgium, France, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, the Netherlands and the UAE are expected to be included in group B.

Obtaining a Cyprus Flight Pass through the electronic platform
The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announced that as of 20 June 2020 all passengers planning to travel to the Republic of Cyprus are obliged to present a CyprusFlightPass for boarding purposes. In order to obtain a Cyprus Flight Pass, passengers must first fill out electronically the required documents available on the electronic platform It should be noted that in case of a technical problem or scheduled maintenance of the electronic platform, the passengers should complete by hand the required forms, which are posted on the electronic platform.

History Revision Anyone

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

A variation on a quote attributed to George Santayana who was a philosopher I commend to you. There is another equal and opposite suggestion that those who learn from history are also doomed to repeat it, but I don t know who lays claim to that one. I am fairly sure that history does repeat itself and in economics, there is a theory that we learn the lessons of our parents but not our grandparents. This results in a 60-year cycle between depressions. So 1929 then 1989, except it was a couple of years late. In between you get the 30-year cycles, so we are due for a recession but I think our recent obsession has pretty much guaranteed a full-blown depression.

Yet before it even gets started, just as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand precipitated WW1, so we get the unlawful killing of George Perry Floyd sparking a frenzied series of riots and demonstrations around the world, complete with statue daubing and dunking. I certainly sympathise with the anti-racist sentiment, supposedly behind these mass demonstrations, but not with those using them as an excuse for unrelated violence and attacks on private and public property, the police and authority in general.

We cannot rewrite history. We can recognise that it is the victors who write it and we can, over time, seek to get a better perspective of the truth and the circumstances that gave rise to it. Statues are symbols of the time in, or immediately after, which they were created. They tell us a good deal about what was deemed right, wrong and praiseworthy or memorable at the time. Unfortunately, like perhaps any other artistic medium, the passage of time makes their interpretation more difficult. It is difficult to understand poetry a century after it was written; language changes, we might need help.

Racial Inequality.

The US Civil War was 1861 to 65 and essentially about slavery. It took another century to get to Martin Luther King being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for peacefully protesting racial inequality. Yet after both King and Kennedy had been assassinated and LBJ had become 36th POTUS and determined to push through Kennedy s equal rights legislation and the space race that things started to change. In NASA at the time, the highly skilled computers...yes, computers, they were people; black women who still had to use segregated toilets! We are talking about 50 years ago.

Here we are, 2020, mid-Covid and pre-depression, a century and a half since the US Civil War and a black person in the US is 2.5 times more likely to be arrested than a white person. You should be shocked but I seriously doubt that you are.

Nobody, at least to my knowledge and in public, claims to be a racist. Racism today is not in your face , it is the sum total of a thousand small biases. Biases that include our expectations of ourselves and of others. I recently saw it expressed this way. Black people are under represented in all the things which are beneficial and over represented in all the things which are damaging. Those things are absolutely everything. Everything from professions such as medicine and law to healthcare to education or having both parents participate in upbringing their children. Just look at the data on Covid deaths to find blacks and Asians disproportionately represented. From earnings to health everything is unequal...still. And it is unequal everywhere.

We are or were not prepared to accept Covid deaths as part of a normal cycle of the world; but we are prepared to accept insidious, omnipresent racism keeping the black man enslaved. Why?

If you really want this to change, we all have to change. We are still a long way from equality with women s rights. It is even further with racism and it needs affirmative action.

A start would be for authorities to proactively remove inappropriate, by which I mean racially offensive, statues to museums where their context and historical relevance can be fully explained to better understand the history of their time. But it needs more than removing the perceived icons of worship; it needs positive measures at all levels of civilised society. Board rooms are required to work to remove gender bias but we should be striving to remove all bias. It s very difficult.

It took until 2017 for NASA to dedicate the Katherine G Johnson Computational Facility at its Langley HQ. She died in February 2020 aged 101. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama in 2015.

She was black, brilliant, hard-working and key to the success of the space program. It took 45 years to be recognised as such. That s bias.

Five New Schemes To Bolster Industry.

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday approved five new, targeted schemes to support employees, businesses and the unemployed as the economy enters the recovery stage after the coronavirus pandemic.

Announcing the decision, Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou said the five schemes, budgeted at 150 m, were in line with a government promise to provide a safety net of employees. Together the schemes will cover about 50,000 beneficiaries.

They have been tailored to help those businesses most in need of support because of the pandemic and all are conditional on a significant reduction in turnover with the aim of seeing them through the economic recovery period.

Applications will be submitted by businesses, rather than employees. Moreover, businesses will be required to provide proof they qualify with a certificate from a qualified auditor.

They will also be required not to make any dismissals until October 31, with Emilianidou appealing to employers to respect workers rights and not to sack employees or cut salaries.

The new schemes are retroactive from June 13 when the previous schemes expired. Payment for those schemes to beneficiaries will start tomorrow, Emilianidou said.

The schemes:

  1. Hotels and tourist accommodation. The scheme is from June 13 to October 12. For the first month, the scheme will cover 90% of employees in a business on condition there is a drop in turnover of more than 40%. For the second month it will remain at 90% if the drop is more than 40%. From August 1 on it will cover 50% of employees if there is more than a 35% drop. In the case of units that decide not to reopen, the scheme will cover 80% of employees. Our aim is for them to reopen, she said. The scheme will cover 60% of the salaries with employers covering the rest. As regards hotel employees fired before March 1 (and who have therefore exhausted their unemployment benefit) the subsidy will cover them too.
  2. Economic activities linked to the tourism sector or affected by tourism or those still closed under decrees. The scheme is in force until the end of August. If turnover is down by more than 55% in the first month, the scheme will cover 60% of employees. In August if turnover is down by more than 40%, it will cover 45% of employees. If they do not reopen, it will cover 80% of employees. The scheme will cover 60% of salaries

To qualify, businesses will need to submit from an auditor confirmation that 40% of their turnover is normally from tourism

3. Economic activities which are not covered by the first two schemes and have reduction in turnover of more than 40% in June and July and more than 35% in August. It will cover 60% of salaries of 45% and 40% of employees respectively. If there are just three employees, it will cover all three. There are sectors which do not qualify for this scheme, such as retail, hair dressers etc.

4 Special scheme for businesses that remain closed because of the health ministry decrees such as night clubs, cinemas etc. Up to 9 employees, it will cover all of them and for businesses with more than nine employees, it will cover 90% of them. The scheme will be in force until the end of August.

5. Special scheme for the unemployed. This is for those who were due to have gone back to work after March and have exhausted their unemployment benefit and will receive a subsidy of 360 .

Speaking at the same press conference, Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides said the Council of Ministers had also approved a 38.11 m guarantee agreement to the European Commission so that Cyprus can participate in the SURE scheme which aims to protect jobs affected by the pandemic.

He said that so far 190,000 people, 26,000 companies and 22,000 self employed have been supported by the previous schemes with close to 500m spent to avoid job losses and show social solidarity.